If you’re looking for a job in the creative industries, you can’t go past Sally Brownbill. She’s selling you, your skills and your story with authenticity and unswerving belief. I came to think of Sally as my greatest advocate and ally. Looking for the next step in a fulfilling career? Do yourself a favour: call Sally Brownbill
— Antonia Strakosch

1.  Sally is a match maker

She understands it’s never about “bums on seats”.

Personalities are so important, in fact it’s the first quality she looks at to make sure the employee and the employer are going to be a good fit.

Followed closely by the work, because the work has to work.

2.  Sally is connected to the creative community

A trained photographer followed by 20+ years of working in new business for advertising agencies, design studios and a large involvement at course advisory board level and lecturing in higher education across all disciplines, she can confidently say she knows the industry inside out.

When she’s not meeting with people, she’s meeting with people.

3.  Sally takes an old-fashioned personal approach

She’s very approachable, with honesty to boot. In work and in life, being up-front and approachable is just part of her ‘special sauce’ that works.

Clients appreciate the “no fuss, roll up my sleeves approach”.

On the flip side Sally likes to know who she is dealing with. Not just about the position or their career history, but what makes them tick. Do they like dogs, surfing or follow a footy team… all of this helps to build a profile. It also shows her about how well they communicate.

It's never just about a CV. Talking to people and meeting them where appropriate is what is essential.

So - whether you’re looking to find the perfect candidate, or the ideal new role, it might be time to give TBE Jobs a go.