How important is your LinkedIn Profile?

REALLY important.

Your Profile needs to be kept up to date and show the breadth of who you are, where you have studied and jobs you have held.

Any organisations you have worked for that also has a LinkedIn profile, may have a logo you can use on you own profile. This is visually a much faster way for people who a viewing you to see where you have worked.

Think carefully about your photo you upload as well.

Recently I had an experience where I had put a candidate forward for a digital marketing role.

This candidate was highly qualified for the role, however the company that was interested in employing, looked at LinkedIn and there and then decided if this person thought that their LinkedIn photo was appropriate to sell themselves, they didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

The client said to me  “the person we employ needs to understand how important our brand is on line.”

They had strong doubts, given the photo was a very casual image with sunnys on their head at a restaurant, that this candidate was able to make good choices for their brand.

WOW. It was the first time ever I have had someone lose a job because of their photo.

But from this, I have taken it on board and wanted to share this with you.

Keep it clean, simple and corporate. It’s not Facebook, it is about business and it needs to be kept professional.I have great photographers that can help you with your profile shot if need be, I get a new one shot each year.