Definitions: SD / CX / UX / UI

If anyone is wondering, like I have been, what the difference is between Service Design, UX Design and UI Design, here is a breakdown I understand.

The key difference is the level of the distance from the real world execution people actually encounter.

I've also started seeing CX Designers as well (Customer Experience) so it really depends on the day of the week and the person saying it.

Here goes…

Service Design (SD)

• Is about defining the why and the what of a service to be experienced.

• It’s about finding the problem and then working out what’s the high level solution.

• Focusses on all people involved mostly the business (viability), but also technology (feasibility) and customers (desirability). Tools: Service Blueprints, Business models, Customer Journey Maps, Personas, Empathy maps, Ideation, Testing, Prototypes

User Experience (UX)

• Is about how best to deliver the experience.

• It is more focussed on the actual execution to a clear problem. Tools: Customer Journey Maps, Personas, Empathy maps, Testing, Prototypes, Wireframes

User Interface (UI)

• Is about the visual design and interactions that happen on the screen.

• Its the colours, fonts, brand etc

• Often can be a called aVisual Designer or Digital Designer. Tools: Wireframes prototypes, Usability testing, SketchApp, Photoshop,