"Sally always kept me in the loop" - Y Yong

"I still recall my very first phone conversation with Sally - it was full of warmth, positive energy, good laughs, and most importantly, she had my back from the get go. (Meeting her in person over coffee was no different, of course!)

Sally always kept me in the loop - our multiple phone calls, voicemails and email trails are a testament to how she makes herself available and approachable to anyone at all. At times, it was even during her time away! I went on a journey with Sally, from a few freelancing jobs to a full-time role that:

  1. Seemed to be made for me; and
  2. I am in love with. What a wonderful journey it was!

I am very appreciative of Sally, and will always be grateful that our paths crossed the way it did. Thank you Sally, from the bottom of my heart. Cheers to Sally and the team at The Brownbill Effect!"

Yeen Yong

Illustrator | Designer