"The perfect stepping stone in my career" - L Henderson

"I found the Brownbill Effect when I was in between jobs. Coming from a company I had been comfortably working at for the last 5 years, I decided it was time to further my career and challenge myself with something new. My job hunting skills were a little rusty and there seems quite a method to it these days - you need a CV, a folio, a Behance, a website, the list goes on. It was overwhelming.

Thankfully I had heard about the Brownbill Effect from a friend and thought why not! I met with Sally and she gave me some great advice, helped me sift through my years of work and organise it into a professional folio. It wasn't long after this initial meeting that I received a call from Sally with an offer of a freelance position at a marketing agency. The job was only supposed to last a week however it has now turned into a permanent part-time position which is ideal for me as I get a bit of security and get to keep my freelance business running.

Thanks so much to Sally and the Brownbill Effect for being the perfect stepping stone in my career.

Lorren Henderson
Graphic Designer
Dig + Fish