"You can't go past Sally Brownbill." — A.Strakosch

"If you’re looking for a job in the creative industries, you can’t go past Sally Brownbill. I sent my resume in for a job Sally had posted on the Saturday morning. She called 10 am Monday. The first thing you notice about Sally is her zest for life and bubbly enthusiasm; it’s absolutely infectious.

This passion and drive to see you succeed extends across every aspect of the job-hunting process. She’s utterly relentless – in the best possible way. She’s following up with the employer immediately after interviews, keeping you informed at every step. She’s selling you, your skills and your story with authenticity and unswerving belief.

In the process of her landing me a sought-after copywriting job with an award-winning creative agency, I came to think of Sally as my greatest advocate and ally. She thought I was awesome, plain and simple. And until I signed on the dotted line, she never for a moment let my prospective employer forget this fact. I feel a great affection for Sally after what we went through together, and I recommend her to creative job seekers without reservation. Looking for the next step in a fulfilling career? Do yourself a favour: call Sally Brownbill."

— Antonia Strakosch, Content Writer/Copywriter