"When I first met Sally, I knew things were going to be different." — M.Delves

"When I first met Sally, I knew things were going to be different.

It was fun from the start and within four short painless weeks, I found myself in an amazing role, working for an incredible design studio.

Sally’s striking empathy, compelling energy, evident knowledge and infectious sense of humour certainly set her apart.

Thanks a bunch Sally for doing what you do, in the way that you do it."

—Martin Delves / Senior Graphic Designer

"You can't go past Sally Brownbill." — A.Strakosch

"If you’re looking for a job in the creative industries, you can’t go past Sally Brownbill. I sent my resume in for a job Sally had posted on the Saturday morning. She called 10 am Monday. The first thing you notice about Sally is her zest for life and bubbly enthusiasm; it’s absolutely infectious.

This passion and drive to see you succeed extends across every aspect of the job-hunting process. She’s utterly relentless – in the best possible way. She’s following up with the employer immediately after interviews, keeping you informed at every step. She’s selling you, your skills and your story with authenticity and unswerving belief.

In the process of her landing me a sought-after copywriting job with an award-winning creative agency, I came to think of Sally as my greatest advocate and ally. She thought I was awesome, plain and simple. And until I signed on the dotted line, she never for a moment let my prospective employer forget this fact. I feel a great affection for Sally after what we went through together, and I recommend her to creative job seekers without reservation. Looking for the next step in a fulfilling career? Do yourself a favour: call Sally Brownbill."

— Antonia Strakosch, Content Writer/Copywriter

"Sally cut through all of the noise" — D. Nguyen

"From Day one, Sally and I spoke the same language about workplaces. It’s not just about finding the right work, it’s about finding the right fit. And Sally cut through all of the noise, the stress and the worry that is entailed in job hunting and found me the right fit. I’ve always wanted to work in a creative studio with challenging work, great people and great work/life balance and for a while there, I didn’t think I would find anything…until Sally came along. I’m so grateful for all that she’s done to help me find the right fit!"

Duyen Nguyen—Producer

"Sally genuinely cares about her candidates." - C. Moore

"Sally genuinely cares about her candidates; she always makes sure that the opportunities she provides are the right fit. She keeps you constantly in the loop and is always available for advice or updates. She is very caring and honest in her approach, something that can be rare to find. Working with Sally has been a pleasure and I cannot recommend her enough."

Claudia Moore

Account Manager

"I can’t thank her enough for believing in me and finding me the perfect gig!" - M. Gonzalez

Sally came and helped me in my hour of need. She slips into my list of heroes in between Batman and Spiderman. When all hope was lost and the reality of being stuck in a job that was going nowhere set in, she reached out her hand and pulled me out the rubble which was my dying career and rescued me.

I can’t thank her enough for believing in me and finding me the perfect gig!

Michael Gonzalez Designer

"I cannot recommend TBE enough". - K. Northwood

“I have always been cynical of recruiters until I met Sally, and realised she came with industry experience and intuition that provided two candidates I hired immediately. I cannot recommend TBE enough, not only for their efficiency and professionalism but their impressive industry network and ability to select the perfect candidate for the role and the company they are working with.”

Kellie Northwood,


"Sally was the perfect tour guide in the journey that was starting a career." - R. Enders

"Sally was the perfect tour guide in the journey that was starting a career. She provides wisdom and support the whole way and carefully works to make sure you and the job are a match. Sally was the best possible support for a fresh graduate."

"I also can't stop saying how thankful I am for all of your help. You're a legend."

Rachel Enders

Communications Designer