"Sal always looks our for your best interest" - S. Mohamed

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sally over the past 6 months as a freelancer. Sal always looks our for your best interest and continuously delivers what she promises. She’s constantly been able to find me work with a wide range of clients which has been great! I’m truly thankful my friend referred me to The Brownbill Effect when she did."

Sonia Mohamed

Freelance Finished Artist

"Sally is an absolute gem!" - M. Mac Sweeney.

"Sally is an absolute gem! I had never been through a recruiter agency before because I thought the process would be too hard but Sally was quick to prove me wrong. She got me set up on a contract position at Calvary Health Care National Office doing a range of creative jobs from metadata management to videography. Sally made the whole recruitment process a breeze by always being there to offer a helping hand for whatever I needed."


Meg Mac Sweeney

Metadata Management/Videography

Calvary Care - Sydney

"An absolute pleasure to deal with Sally" - A Edmonds

"Within one week of getting in contact with Sally Brownbill, I had a 2 month freelance contract.

Soon after the contract had finished, Sally forward my name for a full-time design job, which I am now working in!

Sally is enthusiastic about people working in creative industries and she is a great networker. It's been an absolute pleasure to deal with Sally at The Brownbill Effect, I highly recommend!"

Ali Edmonds, Graphic Designer

Ali E promo1_edit.jpeg

"You feel like you could be her only client given how much time and attention she gives you." - D O'Brien

"Working with Sally is unlike working with any other recruiter. It's not only because she knows the industry inside and out, but because she knows how to match the right people to their perfect jobs. She is completely engaged at every step, you feel like you could be her only client given how much time and attention she gives you. 

When Sally contacted me, I happened to have a lot going on in my life and if not for Sally, it would have been easy to pass up the opportunity to pursue the perfect role. Everything about Sally’s manner instils confidence. She just 'gets people'. I could not recommend her more highly."

Danielle O'Brien
Creative Director Design
Big Red

"Not only does Sal have the gift of the gab, she knows how to use it" - W Mace

You don’t have to be Einstein to understand why Sally called her business, The Brownbill Effect. She’s been flitting about like “Madame Butterfly” making meaningful connections within creative communities for as long as I can remember. Connections that now form an enviable network of talented people and businesses in Melbourne and beyond. 

Not only does Sal have the gift of the gab, she knows how to use it. Her smart, nimble, no-nonsense approach delivers everything you could want, whether you’re recruiting or seeking employment. That’s why Sal was my go-to-girl when she landed me my dream job. 

Wendy Mace
Retail Creative Director
Cummins and Partners Melbourne

"Sally is a delight. I’m thankful for everything she has done for me and she’s been nothing but supportive and helpful" - J Fernandez

I had the pleasure of meeting met Sally at a portfolio review during my graduating exhibition. Although our meeting was brief, she was genuine, she gave me sound advice and really got to know me. The design industry is a competitive one but Sally has helped me find full-time work twice in my career (once as a Junior Designer at an advertising agency and again as a Graphic Designer in a small in-house design studio respectively).  

She not only made the introductions and connections but helped me get to where I wanted to go. Sally is a delight. I’m thankful for everything she has done for me and she’s been nothing but supportive and helpful.

Johnny Fernandez
Graphic Designer

"An absolute wealth of knowledge" - K Edwards

Thank you to Sally and the team for your insight, advice and professional service. The Brownbill Effect has saved us considerable time and effort searching for reliable suppliers and reduced the risk of selecting incompatible partners. An absolute wealth of knowledge, I would recommend the service to any Marketing Manager as a way of achieving more with limited resources. Thank you!

Kim Edwards
Manager Marketing and Communications

"I've got the perfect job for you" - J Erdogan

I first met Sally 3 years ago, I was fresh out of uni and stuck in an unpaid, un-rewarding graphic design internship. I walked through Sally's door looking for guidance and she told me very wisely "No one should ever work for nothing." After our meeting I moved on to become an art director for a market research firm. I loved the experience but after 3 years I needed a new challenge. I emailed Sally on a Monday crying for help and to my surprise she called me an hour later, she remembered who I was after all this time and said "I've got the perfect job for you"

The next morning after I had sent through my resume, Sally calls me again and says I have an interview for the following day. I had the interview and got the job the morning after. Now I'm working as a digital producer at a large advertising agency. Thank you Sally!

Jeyda Erdogan
Digital Producer

“Sally went the extra mile in her hands on approach” - K Bartle

Arriving back from sunny New York to chilly Melbourne was a hard transition to say the least but I was excited and brimming with enthusiasm to seek out a new challenge. While in the grips of jet lag and a few days of momentary hibernation to find my feet again I started sifting through nearly a months worth of partially attended emails when I came across The Brownbill Effects latest newsletter showcasing a position for a Senior Graphic Designer advertising agency side. The position sounded interesting and I was intrigued to know more. Making contact with Sally the very same day we discussed the position in more detail and chatted about what I was seeking from a new challenge, she left no stone unturned and gave me every confidence in the possible opportunity that lay before me.

By taking the time to really get to know me and looking beyond the process of just idly ticking boxes, Sally went the extra mile in her hands on approach. Now settling into my new position at eg+ worldwide I am enjoying my everyday amongst the team of creative individuals and looking forward to embracing the next step in my creative journey. A big warm thank you to Sally and the team at The Brownbill Effect for all the amazing work that you do and for your guidance and support throughout the interview process.

KerryAnn Bartle
Senior Graphic Designer

"I think that came from that deeper level understanding that Sally has with the industry" - T Campbell


The Brownbill Effect made landing the job at eg+ effortless, and I think that came from that deeper level understanding that Sally has with the industry. Sally identified what skills I had, what I wanted to develop and found a role that really catered to my needs, rather than just putting me forward for any old job. 

eg+ has been a great place for me to develop my skill set as a graphic designer and work in a great team of people. I've had the privilege to work with Cannes awarding winning Creative Directors on big name clients and gain some strong advertising industry insights you can't get just anywhere. I'm also working with some of the most experienced finished artists in the business and building my technical knowledge. 

The role is challenging me in so many rewarding ways and I'm grateful for the Brownbill Effect's efforts to find a position that is perfect for me.

Troy Campbell
Graphic Designer
Big Red

"I have complete trust in Sally, when I say: “Hey Sal, I’m looking for..." - J McPherson

I have complete trust in Sally, when I say: “Hey Sal, I’m looking for an account manager/producer/studio manager… whatever”, I’m going to have three candidates presented to me who will all be a great fit for my business. Our last three positions have been filled by Sal, and I don’t feel like we’ll be heading back to the recruiters/job boards anytime soon.

James McPherson
Managing Director

New Mac Video Agency

"The perfect stepping stone in my career" - L Henderson

"I found the Brownbill Effect when I was in between jobs. Coming from a company I had been comfortably working at for the last 5 years, I decided it was time to further my career and challenge myself with something new. My job hunting skills were a little rusty and there seems quite a method to it these days - you need a CV, a folio, a Behance, a website, the list goes on. It was overwhelming.

Thankfully I had heard about the Brownbill Effect from a friend and thought why not! I met with Sally and she gave me some great advice, helped me sift through my years of work and organise it into a professional folio. It wasn't long after this initial meeting that I received a call from Sally with an offer of a freelance position at a marketing agency. The job was only supposed to last a week however it has now turned into a permanent part-time position which is ideal for me as I get a bit of security and get to keep my freelance business running.

Thanks so much to Sally and the Brownbill Effect for being the perfect stepping stone in my career.

Lorren Henderson
Graphic Designer
Dig + Fish

"The moral of this story is: When you want good people, don't f@$k around..." - J Ingram

We'd been looking to fill a senior creative role for quite some time. Of course to save on those nasty headhunter costs, we decided to use our own resources for the search. The search was fruitless. Then I spoke to Sally on the phone one day and told her of our dilemma and she immediately said "Oh Darling!! I've got the perfect person!!!". And she wasn't wrong. She put us in touch with Wendy Mace and within about a week, the deal was done. Wendy is an absolute superstar and has made a significant impact on our business. We love her.

The moral of this story is: When you want good people, don't f@$k around with your own Rolodex, just call Sally.

Jim Ingram
Creative Founder

"Sally is just the type of person you hope the universe sends your way" - J Brown

I was referred to TBE jobs when I was feeling the crunch in my previous role. It always takes a little bit of a push to leave your comfort zone and look for other opportunities, and while I wasn’t the best at doing that, Sally is just the type of person you hope the universe sends your way right when you need them - which it did. From our first phone call to our first meeting, Sally put me at ease constantly.

Within a very short time she came back with an opportunity which was exactly what I had asked for. Now that I have settled into the role, she was 100% on the money finding me a role that fits perfectly. Thanks Sally!

Julian Brown
Graphic Designer

"...isn't your average recruitment consultant" - L Peters

It's hard when you're a Mum looking for part time work because it really isn't easy to come across. That's why I called Sally. Not only because I have known her since the 90's and know she's a great person, but because she isn't your average recruitment consultant. In fact, she is far from it (in the best way possible!) as she is able to look outside the box and consider different angles and possibilities. I needed something with flexibility so basically Sally created a job for me which has exactly that. I can't thank her enough.

Lauren Peters
Studio Manager